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Jandira Shelley

Akashic Records Consultant

Jandira’s Journey With The Akashic Records

Life Asks Questions.  Your Akashic Records Have Answers.

I wondered:  Who am I?  What is my mission and purpose in this lifetime?  How can I create the future of my dreams?

And:  Why do I sabotage myself at every turn?  How can I be free of fear-based patterns and unhealthy habits?  Why can’t I make my relationships work?

These and other questions compelled me to search for answers.  In the mid nineties, I began to communicate with angels and guides from the “other side.”  So, later when I was trained to access the Akashic Records, I already had many years of listening to and interpreting messages from various spiritual beings.

My work with the Akashic Records had an immediate and profound effect on my life.  I had been through two divorces and had struggled with many health issues including depression and anxiety disease.  I was deeply in debt while trying to make it on my own.  I felt alone and unable to cope, until I discovered the loving support of the Record Keepers and began to open myself to their wisdom and insight on a daily basis.

The Akashic Record Keepers and my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones have become an integral part of my life, informing my decisions, encouraging my pursuits, and guiding my steps.  I simply cannot imagine living a day without them.   They are always just a Sacred Prayer away

What Are The Akashic Records?

Deep within your Soul resides the wisdom needed to answer any questions your life experiences have prompted you to ask.

The Akashic Records, a living, breathing ever-expanding energy field, collects and records each individual Soul’s journey from inception forward to current life and into the projected future.  The Akashic Records are constantly updating and recording every thought, word, emotion and deed generated by our life experiences.

The Akashic Records are referred to in almost every ancient spiritual teaching including the Bible where it is called “The Book of Life.”  They are also described as the Universal Library of the Soul, The DNA of the Universe and the Book of Remembrances, to name a few. 

When you access the Sacred Wisdom of your Akashic Records, you are provided with practical, loving guidance for your everyday life.  The smallest daily decisions as well as the dramatic life-changing ones are made with ease when you are working “within” this vast energetic field.

By tapping into this Sacred Energy Field and exploring the inner recesses of your Soul, you will discover previously unknown aspects and undiscovered truths about yourself, creating fresh, new possibilities for spiritual growth and a joy-filled life.

What To Expect From An Akashic Records Consultation

Whether you are having a phone consultation or a face to face consult, you will prepare ahead of time a list of concise questions concerning areas of your life about which you are interested in receiving information (relationships, health, career, dream interpretation, past lives, self-sabotaging patterns, the afterlife, deceased loved ones, life path, etc).

Once the session begins, you will maintain an attitude of inner quiet while I open your Akashic Records using the Sacred Prayer.  This allows me to align myself with the vibration of your “specific” Records.  Once your Records are open, you can begin asking questions

This process is in the form of a dialogue between you and the Record Keepers, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  You ask a question, and I listen and repeat to you what information I am given. Follow up questions can be asked if more clarification is needed. 

I receive information in the form of words, pictures and feelings, which the Record Keepers, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones always deliver in a loving, non-judgmental manner.  Only insights you are “ready” to receive will be delivered to you, and you are always at choice as to whether you follow the guidance given. Confidentiality is always maintained. 

Most Akashic Records consults last from 1 – 2 hours and can be held in my studio in Friday Harbor, your home, by phone, or at Wise Awakening the first Wednesday of every month from 10am-6pm. Fee schedule is as follows:  1 hour-$80, 1½ hours-$120, 2 hours-$160.

Please refrain from partaking of alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before your consultation.  Feel free to bring a taping device to record your session.


$80 (1 Hour)
$120 (1½ Hours)
$160 (2 Hours)

Jandira is available at Wise Awakening the first Wednesday of every month - 10am to 6pm

Who Is Jandira Shelley?

I am a retired schoolteacher of 31 years, a clay artist, a writer, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and an Akashic Records Consultant.  I love to sing, dance, act and direct, and I am heavily involved with the San Juan Community Theatre.  I am a mother, daughter, former wife twice and presently the first mate to my sailor boyfriend, Rick. 

I am adventurous, yet introspective…..a soul searcher on a spiritual path…..a combination that served me well when in 2006 I sold my Kentucky home and drove west in my Ford Escape to write, explore and “find myself”. 

To my surprise, what I found was myself living on a boat on an island in the Pacific Northwest, a life that wouldn’t have been possible without the loving guidance of the Akashic Record Keepers, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

History of the Sacred Prayer

The history of the Sacred Prayer of the Akashic Records and how it got to the United States begins with a man named Johnny Prochaska and a dream.  Johnny had a recurring dream every night for three years.  He dreamt of a small Mayan Indian woman whom he had never seen before in his waking life.  Unbeknownst to him, this was about to change.

During a business trip to Mexico City, Johnny had some free time and decided to take in some of the sites.  Wandering into the poor section of town, he passed a hut where an Indian woman was standing outside.  He started to walk on but suddenly turned back, realizing it was the figure in his dream.  As he approached her, she said to him, “So, at last you come!”

The two make their way to a remote area in the foothills where a small group was gathered around a fire near a pyramid.  It was there she presented Johnny with an ancient, sacred prayer used to access the Akashic Records.

Johnny returned to the United States and began teaching people how to access the Akashic Records for themselves and others.  In the 1980”s, Johnny met a lady in one of his classes that referred to herself as “a simple housewife from Odessa, Texas.”  The “simple” woman would prove to be instrumental in taking this method of accessing the Akashic Records to new heights.  This extraordinary woman is Mary Parker, the founder of the Akashic Records Consultants International.

Examples Of Questions You Might Want To Ask In A Consultation

  • What is my greatest challenge/fear at this time?  What is at the root of it?  What are my resources to resolve it?  What lessons am I to learn from this?
  • What talents did I incarnate with that I could use now to further my growth?
  • How can I improve my relationship with my spouse/parents/children/siblings/boss/co-workers/friends?
  • What is blocking me from having vibrant health, a love relationship/money/meaningful work, etc.?
  • What steps can I take to change “this situation” with ease and grace?
  • Are there any past lives with my spouse, parents, children, friends/boss, etc. that would be beneficial for me to know about at this time?
  • What did I come here to accomplish in relationship to my work/marriage/children/health/spiritual path, etc.?
  • What did I bring into this lifetime to clear/resolve with my family/ money/ health/ etc.?
  • What resources can I utilize to assist me with ___________?
  • What is the underlying issue between ___________ and me?
  • What do I need to know about this situation?  How do I bring this into resolution?
  • What message do my spiritual assistants (Angels, Guides, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones) want me to know at this time?
  • How can I release and heal my fears/self-sabotaging patterns/unhealthy habits/beliefs that no longer serve me?
  • How do I go about creating a joy-filled, peaceful life?
  • What tools can I use to stop judging myself/others?
  • What can you tell me about the afterlife?
  • Which direction ____________ or ____________would be in my highest good to pursue at this time?
  • How can I best forgive _____________ for ________________?
  • Is there something or someone I have given my power to in the past that is having a negative effect on how I see or relate to this subject?
  • What is my primary issue, and how is it blocking my clarity in this area?
  • Can you give me another perspective on this subject?
  • What is it I am not willing to look at or deal with concerning this situation?
  • Are my ego, mind or emotions blocking me from seeing clearly?
  • What may I know now?
  • Why do I fear who I will be if I let this issue go?

Top Ten Things To Know About The Akashic Records

  • Akashic is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” that out of which all things are formed.
  • The Akashic Records exist everywhere in their wholeness and are completely available in all places at all times.
  • Everyone is included in the Akashic Records.  Everyone.
  • There are two parts to each person’s Records.  The blueprint of your Soul is immutable and never changes, and the dynamic story of your journey through time as a human being reflects your conscious evolution.
  • The Akashic Record Keepers oversee the Records, ensuring their safety and integrity, determining not only who can access the Records, but what information they can receive.
  • A Sacred Prayer using your legal name is used to access the particular vibration of your own Records.
  • Being in the Akashic Records involves the transmission of energy first, followed by information.
  • Your soul’s very essence, expression, potential and life purpose can be found by accessing your Akashic Records.
  • Information concerning your future is based upon the direction you are presently heading and can change over time due to your free will and the choices you make along the way.  However, guidance can be given as to the direction that appears to be in your highest good, obstacles to watch out for, positive opportunities to consider, etc.
  • Every person is entitled to open their own Records, however the Records of another person can only be opened with their permission.

Questions and Concerns

1.  Can a consultant open my Records without my permission?   No.  I am not allowed to open your Records and access your information without your permission.

2.  What about confidentiality?  Strict confidentiality is observed.  No part of any session is shared with anyone without your express permission.

3.  Who are the Record Keepers?  The Akashic Records are governed by a group of nonphysical Light Beings called the Lords of the Akashic Records.  These beings ensure the safety and integrity of the Records, determining not only who can access the Records, but what information they can receive.

4.  What do the Record Keepers say about reincarnation?  From the perspective of the Records, all souls are eternal.  The Records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime as different human beings on the earth plane.

5.  Are the Akashic Records aligned with a particular religion?  The Akashic Records are not aligned with a particular religion, but are available to all.

6.  Is there an organization of Akashic Record readers?  Yes, I am a member of Akashic Records Consultants International.

7.  Are there websites where I can learn more about the Akashic Records?  Yes.  I would recommend the following websites: 



What People Say About Jandira’s Readings

“My session with Jandira was both provocative and comforting.  She brings much integrity, knowledge and sensitivity to her work.  Jandira’s gentle, supportive presence creates a safe place for sharing and receiving information for greater well-being.” 
Deb Langhans - Reflexologist, Holistic Health Coach (San Juan Island)

“Sitting here with tears streaming down my face, but happy tears.  Thank you Record Keepers and thank you Jandira.  The fear is gone replaced with such joy.  My life has been so much more since you did the readings…..it really was life changing for me.”
Marti Wilson (Kentucky)

“The great, unsolved mystery of my long life has been the lack of information concerning my roots.  Adopted at birth, there was no record of my origin.  Even at 90, I was still curious to know something of my birth mother, and Jandira was able to find information concerning her that was infinitely comforting.” 
Louise Smith (San Juan Island)

“Working with you, Jandira, and the Record Keepers really helped me get some clarity on issues that had been bothering me for a while…..I feel like a weight has been lifted off me...  After my session with you I really had a big turn around.  I was fragmented and you and the RK helped me back together. It made a big difference for me.  I have integrated some of the things I learned with you and they have worked beautifully....I am VERY HAPPY!  One of the things I have noticed feeling in the sessions we have done together is the love flowing through you from the Record Keepers and my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  They are a loving bunch- huh?  THANKS! ”
Dahlia Mertens (Colorado)

I have worked with Jandira for several years learning and exploring many spiritual processes. We have taken classes together, attended workshops, and spent many hours together trying to "figure stuff out." She is a gifted and compassionate healer with Reiki and EFT. And, as another tool to benefit her own spiritual enlightenment, Akashic Records Consulting fits beautifully with her desire to assist others on their journey.  Helping others is her calling.  As an Akashic Records Consultant she is a pure channel.  She understands and acknowledges the responsibility of working within deep emotional areas of another person.  She is respectful of all parties.  She is compassionate.  She has a gentle, loving manner and a knowledge of how to encourage her client to dig deeper and release.  She has a voice and mannerisms that promote safety and confidence.  The readings I have done with her have been extremely beneficial to me and have given me great insight into my own situations and growth. She lovingly held my feet to the fire, ask me challenging questions, transmitted pure love messages with none of her own agenda/ego attached.  Jandira is one of my go-to girls when I am in a dilemma.  I whole-heartedly recommend her.
Susan Caldwell – Akashic Records Consultant and Usui Reiki Master Teacher (Kentucky)

“I am writing to thank you for giving me such a profound and loving experience.  I have found the information given me to be life changing and deeply healing.”
Roberta Shanley - Reiki Master Teacher (CT)

“Greetings, Jandira--I wanted to convey my thanks for your generous gift yesterday.  I found you to be very clear, candid, integrated, warm, humble, and committed to service.  Thank you for daring and practicing to be skilled in this area, and then inviting others.”  
Rhea Miller (Lopez Island)

“Jandira's work with the Akashic Records is exactly what I have been searching for.  I have specific questions about my self and my life journey and the Record Keepers provide specific answers.  Through the answers I have gained knowledge and understanding that has been so helpful in my life journey. Jandira is an Akashic Records consultant that works with the utmost integrity and sincerity. She puts me at ease and truly works with love.  I recommend this type of work to anyone who has ever had any burning questions about who they are and/or their life journey." 
Stacy Mae Hoban (San Juan Island)

Not only was my reading with Jandira the most insightful and accurate reading I have ever had, but she was very clear in explaining what she was receiving from the Record Keepers.  I will definitely be calling her again.
Becky Parman (Kentucky)

Loved my reading and was so very excited after talking with you.  You have such integrity and I was dumbfounded how your language switched to words that I could hear.  I have know you for years and there were words you, Jandira, would never use, but the Record Keepers knew just what I would understand.  Great reading and great validations.  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!
Mary Cynthia Knowles (Kentucky)

"To me the importance of trust and knowledge were uppermost in my heart and mind in allowing a reader to unlock the sacred history contained in my Akashic Records. A reader entrusted with access to this most personal information must be of the highest integrity and sensitive to the vulnerability of the soul whose records she is interpreting.

I am new to all of this and felt lucky to have Jandira guide me through this intriguing mystery. My l ife is a puzzle, having many pieces that need fitting together, some days I am better at working it than others. Jandira's reading brought to light how much work I really need to do on myself!  This is not going to be a quick fix.  I am learning to focus my efforts on changing my perspective, letting go of situations and the behaviors of others that are beyond my control. Jandira has given me some useful tools to help me in this process of self-discovery.

This is just the beginning of my education in understanding the workings of my spiritual self, I'm hoping to enhance my daily life and relationships with the knowledge I gain from this study. I'm most grateful for Jandira's guidance."
KDM (San Juan Island)